Unable to create safepoint because it is too slow


anyone out there who was able to create a safepint? I’m no mor able to count my tries. Mostly it aborts after a short time. I found out that there was a memory problem on my 'file’serve. It’s a winwows xp pro. I changed some registry parameters so it ist going on now. But transfer speed is about 16GB/24h. So, how long should it go for for 3TB?. I tried a compute with WIN vista and Win 7 too, it’s the same problem. After that i used a Fritz!Box NAS-Service, but transfesepeed is always the same.

Using MyLifeBook as a mouted device in Windows is working at high speed as expected. Down-/Upload via FTP are working very well too.

Any ideas why safepoints are only working at low speed?


We run the safepoint at a lower priority. It is not going to be a high speed transfer - otherwise it would not even function for other things you might need it for. This is meant as a set and forget. If you are backing up 3TB, this could take several days to do the intial safepoint. After that, it only will backup changes to the source drive.

Let me make sure I understand you.

You said after 24 hours it had only backed up 16 GB???   


In my tests, I averaged around 100 megabits PER SECOND, so that same 16 gigabytes would only take about 20 minutes.

So 3TB should take 3 days, as WDTony indicated.

Hello Tony,

i understand why it should slow down (a bit). But in my case it is useless. For the moment i am using about 700G on drive. It will take 50days!!! to setup inital safepoint. In this special case there must be another reason for that behaviour.

Is you computer on a wireless connection? Might be helpful if you give some ideas as to your network setup. No way to even analyze your problems without that.

Hello Tony,

all my connections are wired with a 10Port Gigabit Switch. The desktop only has a 100MBit connction, two Notebooks i tried in the meantime with same result have Gigabit-Ports. The Fritz!Box i am using now for backup is 100MBit. There’s no trouble in trasnfering data from one compputer to another, nor using internetconnection, nor Videostreaming. As mentioned before the transfer-rate for data from and to WDLiveBix is excellent. It doesn’t matter if i use SMP or FTP protocol. I’ve no idea what to now. But this way the savepoint is really useless.

Tony, I know about the disclaimer to do witn not meddling with the Linux OS, but  is there a command that can be issued on the Linux OS within the NAS that will alter the safepoint back-up priority in such a way that the alteration does not persist between reboots of the NAS and does not really impact too much on the MyBook Live’s performance?

Myron - Sorry… no can do. I am sure you will figure it out :slight_smile:

BernhardD - Can you try plugging in your My Book Live directly into your Computer and run the Safepoint. That will help narrow this down to a network connectivity error or an issue with your My Book Live.

Myron, not sure what you’re actually aiming for, but:

If you’re trying to LOWER the priority, you can “Nice” a process, or alter its priority.


Hi everybody,

the problem could neither be corrected by direct LAN connection to my PC, nor by using ‘nice’ for the backup process. But i  found out what happend. Because of the ‘my MBL never sleeps’ problems i disabled remote access.

After that my MB goes to sleep after idle timeout and!!! the backup process is working with much higher speed. It will now take me 30h for 700 MB which. Hope it will really go for that.

I think I may have found a way to speed up the Safepoint backup process - especially the first time, or if there is a large amount of data change on a subsequent update.

I found that once the initial backup process had started, and created the necessary folders on the backup drive, If I copied the files manually (in windows explorer) to the backup drive, the safepoint seemed to update much quicker.

For instance, I decided to backup one of my portable (250GB Passport) drives to the My Book Live, into a share called Backups. I then manually started the update process. On the backup device, in the _WDPROT\WDSAFE\BackupName\shares\Backup folder, I saw the process create the folder where my portable drive files had been stored on the MBL. I then copied the files again from my passport drive into this folder - which did not take too long, and left the update running. About 45 minutes later, got a message that the update had been sucesfull. Ran it again just to make sure…

Will do some further tests - have a 500GB portable that I will do the same with - and report back.

OK - update on my previous posting…

It does work - once the structure of the folders exists on the backup device, you can copy the files via explorer at a much quicker rate, and then let safepoint “find” these when it updates without it having to copy the files itself.

There is however one small issue…

If, for instance, you have just copied 500GB to your MBL, and also to the backup device for safepoint, when the safepoint update runs, it will fail if there isn’t 500GB free on the backup device (even though it doesn’t actually need it as the files already exist). However, if you transfer the files in smaller chunks and update the safepoint in between each, you can get there…

Still a lot quicker than 24 hours for 500GB of data.

You’re right. I am only looking and not going to try adjust anything to do with process priorities.  :smiley:

WDTony wrote:

Myron - Sorry… no can do. I am sure you will figure it out :slight_smile:

Just a quick note. Rsync does all the heavyweight work.