Unable to correctly install my booklive 2T

I have purchased last week Mybooklive 2T (in singapore),  ran the CD instalation disk on my PC (windows 7) , The drive is detected, green light on , and when I tried to open the drive in the installation menu I have a "C++runtime error  -

i tried several times with no success-same error mesage

the mybook live is mapped on my network but when i click on it nothing happened

the mybook does not  show  in my windows explorer  computer as an external  drive ( no show at all)

I tried to type IP addess or [\mybooklive](/t5/forums/postpage/board-id/)  got message windows does not find  it

what can I do?

should I return the product ?

should I try to reinstall without the CD ?

thanks in advance  

If the drive is mapped that means that the installation went trough

try disconnecting from the map location and remapping the drive

you can use this steps


I have tried counting times implement all steps note even on the website my problem was that the personal computer in the same state device, with the laptop things were very normal, and finally prepared load Windows on a PC, thank God, everything runs normally, unfortunately, but this wayproblem ended, with best wishes luck .

Note: Please try to apply all the steps of colleagues before embarking on load your operating system again

thanks but still not working :

-i followed the link i,installed wdlink, mybooklive is correctly found with ip address (Drive Found)

-but below (Drive Map) nothing appears (I can just select drive letters …)

what can i do ? 

Hound the erason eventually after hours of surfing for solution on the net , and 40min call with the WD support ho did not help really …in my network properties on my windows 7 , the Client Microsoft Network was not installed .I installed it and it work fine now

Glad to know it was sorted