Unable to connect via secure wireless router any longer

I’ve had my WDTV Live for several months now and it has work well.  I sometimes take it to my beach home to use it there and it also works there.  This past weekend when I brought it back my main home from the beach, I can no longer get it to work on my secure network at my main home. I have a Linksys Wireless-N Broadband Router WRT160N and use WPA2 Personal wireless security.  I have tried everything including resetting the Hub to the factory setting.  I have done this several times.  I am able to connect other devices (iPhone, laptop) to the wireless network using security.  The HUB sees my network and is assigned an IP address.  I have assigned the HUB an IP manually and automatically but I can get it connected to the network.  When I turn off security on the Linksys router the Hub is able to get on the network.  Any suggestions?

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Still continuing to work this issue. I have had it working for a minute or two but quickly disconnects from my network.  I upgraded the firmware on my router & the Hub connected to the network but shortly lost the connection.  I forgot to mention I am using the Belkin Wireless N+ USB Adapter (F5D8055).  I have used the Belkin in my laptop (I disabled my onboard wireless radio) and it connected to my network with no problem.  -SD

Appears I can’t connect to my network with or without security on.  My router and cable modem are in a back bedroom and my WD TV Live Hub Media Player is in the living room, close to my HD TV.  So I am going to move my cable modem and router to the living room and directly connect my router to see if I can get the Live Hub on the network.  Will advise.

So I moved the cable modem and my router into the living room and directly connected my Hub to the router and viola, it connect to my network.  Now I put the Wireless USB Adapter back into the hub and go through the menus to connect via wireless while I am connected via the LAN.  Then I disconnected my Ethernet cable and guess what, I am connected to the Hub wirelessly.  GREAT, right?  Not so fast my friend.  So I disconnect my router and cable modem and move them back into the back bedroom and try to connect wirelessly.  No luck!  UGGGGGH!   -SD

Well does that sound like a weak wireless signal?

Wireless connections are very sensitive to environmental conditions. Interference from anything ranging from microwave ovens,  wireless phones, neighbours wireless networks, composition of walls between device and base, etc., etc. can cause problems.

Yes parnott, it does sounds like a weak wireless signal.  So I thought about this long and hard.  I can connect wirelessly when my router is close to the WDTV Media Player but when I moved the router into the back bedroom, I lose my connection.  I noticed when I would connect the Hub to my network with the router in the living room, I would select “detect my network” and I would see my neighbor’s wireless networks.  I had not been seeing them in the past and then it hit me that, for some reason now, my Belkin USB Adapter was not getting a strong enough signal from my router.  I was getting enough of a signal to get an IP address from DHCP but not enough to actually connect to YouTube, Netflix or get the temperature from ACCUWetather.com.  That explains the odd behavior of connecting on occasion but shortly dropping the signal shortly after.  So I added a 10 foot USB Extension Cable to my Belkin Wireless USB Adapter and everything is working great!  It does seem to be more responsive now that I am getting a stronger signal.  Geez, I have been working on this for about 25 hours and the entire problem is/was that the wireless adapter was not getting a strong enough signal from my router.  Oh well.  At least it is working now and better than ever.  -SD