Unable to connect to Windows 7 PC

I’ve just been given a Western Digital Live TV Media player

Initially to try the device, I thought it would be straigthforward to connect to my Windows 7 64 bit PC and view photos in the ‘My Pictures’ folder

I’ve spent most of the day, reading the documentation, trawling the internet, and watching several UTube videos, including the one in this post:

Connect WDLTV to Windows 7

All to no avail - I can’t get past the login on the WD Live TV Media

The WD TV Live Media player can see my Windows 7 PC, but keeps asking me for login credentials:

username and password

I’ve tried the username and password I use to login to the PC

I’ve tried anonymous without a password

And I’ve also tried no username and no password

However, each time I submit, the screen refreshes with the username and password dialogue

I think I’ve set up the Windows 7 64 bit PC correctly according to the UTube videos

Is there a reliable guide to getting the WD TV Live Media streamer to connect to a Windows 7 PC - getting past the login screen

Thanks for reading and any help

I’ve managed to connect to my PC, as follows:

When the login credentials screen appears, press the right arrow key twice followed by Ok

I was using the submit button, but the above allows me to connect

Somewhat counter-intuitive, but maybe this will help others

The following link will likely help you out, and it is based upon Win 7, as there is something you need to do in Win 7, too, and it is in here:


Yeah… The link he gave was very useful. I guess if it’s really hard for you to connect then you need help. Ask someone who knows the job :wink: