"Unable to connect to the selected source." Windows 7 Networking Fix

Since I bought my TV Live Hub a week ago, I have had a lot of trouble with the following error

“Unable to connect to the selected source. Please make sure the selected source is active and available for sharing”

whenever I tried to connect to one of my Windows 7 boxes as a network share. It wouldn’t list ANY of the multiple shares on the computer. I could stream media from the computer using the media server but half the files on my computer wouldnt play so that wasn’t a solution. Since the wdtv hub could connect to my other windows 7 box fine, I figured it was something wrong with the first computer.

Long story short, after trying for hours to figure out what was wrong, including following multiple FAQs on these boards, changing homegroups/workgroups, and finally reinstalling windows, it still didnt work. Then, I unshared all my network files and reshared just the one folder. it worked. Even after I reshared the same folders as before it could still connect. So a fresh windows 7 install with default homegroup sharing caused a connection error, but unsharing and resharing those folders manually solved the issue. I am sure that all of the permissions in the Advanced Permissions menu are exactly the same on all folders as they were before (share everything with everyone), so there must be something else behind the scenes that caused an error.

I figured I’d post here in case anyone else runs into the same thing. There didn’t seem to be a post about this error on windows so maybe this will help someone in the future.

This is very good information to spread but im sure Win7 will have a fix for that issue