Unable to connect to selected source - WD TV Live

I recently updated my mac and since then I keep getting the error message “unable to connect to selected source - please make sure the selected source is active and available for sharing”. This occurs when I try to connect to my mac network share which is listed.

This is driving me crazy as it was working yesterday.

I’ve got file sharing on in my system preferences and have added the folders i want to share. In the options for sharing i’ve checked share files and folders using SMB as well as AFP (AFP says I have a user connected - I’m assuming that’s my wd tv live).

In my finder window and can see my WDTVLive listed but when I click on it, it simply says connection failed. The WDTVLive is also listed on my network with the same connection failed when clicking through it that way.

Really frustrating as i can see my my imac when looking at my network share through the wdtv live screen but can’t connect. GRRRR

Any help would be much appreciated. Please note I am quite a novice when it comes to these things but i have usually found the answers through searching the forums or looking through youtube. That’s how i had set it up originally and had it working for 2 years with no probs.

Hi Haydos_Break,

Which Mac operating system you are using right now?
Mentioned links below would surely help you in connecting your WD TV Live with Mac. Please refer the link:



I’m running mojave mate. I’ve followed the instructions listed (except Linux connections) with the same error msg asking whether it is active and available for sharing. The computer says I have an AFP connections but cannot directly connect to the WD.