Unable to Connect to Private Folders

I have the MyBookWorld Edition 1TB (white LEDs), running Win XP.  Ican access the Public folders fine (copy/read/write).  However I can not log in to the Private folders even after resetting the passwords.  After resetting the p-words of each account and rebooting the drive I am still unable to gain access.  I then created an Admin account and was still greeted with the same error message.  The error message was stating to contact my system admin and verify I have the proper privilages and the multiple users of the same account are not allowed.  I had even assigned admin rights and reset/shanged the passwords of the private users.

So what could my problem be?

Hi ,

I have the same NAS as you on Win XP and was having the same problem as you.

I am not sure if this is the correct fix but it is what I did and it works.

I am assuming it will not let you log in to the private folder even as the administrator  because you are logged in to Win XP as someone else, and it is a private folder after all.

To fix this computer confusion I went into the

XP control Panel

            User Accounts

                        Create Account ( In the same name as the private user in WD NAS )

                        No Password Needed           


Log off  XPand switch user to the new user Acct.

You will then be allowed access to the private folder after entering the same name with the private folder password because the XP user and the private folder user names are now one in the same.

You can I assume reverse this procedure and rename the private folder the same as your current XP log in .

Try it, it worked for me.