Unable to connect to Netflix Plase try again or vist ui-400 error

I’ve been using netflix on my wdlive for the last year and suddenly today I can’t connect. All other web based services work (you tube, internet radio etc)

I just see the red Netfix banner with the dot’s moving anf then I see

Unable to connect to Netflix Plase try again or vist  xxxx

In the bottom right corner there is a ui-400

I have power off/on the wdLive tv and router - still the same issue. I can connect to netflix from my compouter and mobile phone without any problems over the same wireless network

This is Netflix Canada and my ISP is TekSavvey

Any ideas anyone ??

Many Thanks

For how long has that been happening? Hours? All day? Sometimes that’s just a Netflix problem…

Thanks for the reply - Not sure how long - It was working fine on Sunday - Not working today (Wednesday) - I gave Netflix a call - all they would say is to contact WD… Netflix works on my computer and from my mobile phone so it seems netflix is up

Well it seems to have been a problem at Netflix end - This morning it’s working again…