Unable to connect to Netflix all of a sudden on Cablevisions crap network

So I bought my WDLive plus box for Netflix streaming to my tv back in Nov of 2010. Last month I started having major issues with getting the box to connect ONLY to Netflix so I had the box RMAd and got a new one about a week later. NOW I’m getting the same exact problem select Netflix screen goes grey and a box appears saying the following

"We’re unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again or visit www.netflix.com/tvhelp for guidance.

Try Again     and Exit  are my options and no matter how many times I’ve pushed try again I keep getting the same screen.

Going to the netflix pagre for “GUIDANCE” doesn’t help as it only sends me to the WDLive page for help and they can’t figure it out… So anybody else dealing with BS cablevision and this same issue?

I am in the US, but mine does this on occasion as well. Usually if I let the device go to sleep (the screensaver) while in Netflix, it will do this. It’s annoying, as I have to back out to the main menu and go into Netflix again. On occasion, I even have to reboot the device. Seems like a bug in the Netflix app to me.

I use my xbox for netflix and get that message alot

btw i live in eu and have to use a us dns to get it to work, thought that was the prob, but i have heard its a general issue

OK looks like I’ve been able to blame this soley on CV I hooked up an identical WDLive plus box with an older firmware and got the same result. I took the box with the latest firmware to my friend who has Verizon DSL and it booted up first shot. So anybody tell me what might cause this, poor signal firewall type issue?

Check the time and date on the Live Hub when connected to your network.  If your firewall is blocking the NTP server connection, this issue could happen.  Also, make sure the time and date on your router are correct.