Unable to connect to MyCloud EX2

I noticed my computer was not able to connect to MyCloud EX2. It is only a few months old. I’m not sure whether the problem started when I upgraded to Windows 10 or got a new AT&T router installed.

This is a perfect example of posts with minimal details expecting an accurate answer. You don’t bother telling us exactly how you are trying to connect…just that you couldn’t connect. What are you using to connect - FTP, FTPS, SSH, Windows Explorer, the WD EX2 software, etc.? Without any details, my best guess is that the changed router could be the culprit…but I could very well be wrong…because it’s like pulling a random answer from a hat. Details, people, details.

I am using the same software (mcp2_windows_setup) that I used when I originally installed it.
The router seems to recognize the WD EX2 because it show up in the listing of devices when I log onto the router. But I get this message when I get to the step where the installer says: “Searching for WD My Cloud EX2 on your network”: No WD MyCloud EX2 Found. Then in red text: Make sure you have properly connected the ethernet and power cables and the LED is a steady blue, then click to rescan".
I have good power and lights and the ethernet cable is connected to my router.

Have you tried connecting to EX2 using just Windows Explorer (aka File Explorer in Win 10) instead of using the software?

Bypassing the software, which you really don’t need within the same network, and instead using Explorer is the simplest way to connect and rule out any network issues. I’ve been using my EX2 for over 20 months and never installed that software.

Simply get the LAN IP of the EX2 (that you can find from your router) and open Explorer and put in the following in the address bar (without the angled brackets of course):
\\<LAN IP of EX2>\

When you enter in the IP like above and press Enter, you should be able to see all your shares (folders). If you don’t, then that could really be from many issues. Is your Win 10 username and password exactly the same as your pre-Win 10 username and password? Can you go to Windows command prompt and ping the IP of your EX2 and get pings back? Simple stuff like that.

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OK, I tried that (File Explorer) and was able to see my shares that I previously set up. And now the Smartware software is showing the EX2 whereas before it only showed my Dropbox account. I’m not sure why its all of a sudden working but hopefully I won’t have that problem again. Thanks for the help!!