Unable to Connect to Drive IP Address - Browser Crashes

After installing the latest firmware update, my green light stays on all the time.  So I thought I would go into the IP address of the drive to see if the Energy Saver function had become unchecked during the update.  However, I was not able to get to the IP address as the browser crashed repeatedly(Firefox).  So I tried with Internet Explorer and the same thing happened.  MY WD My Book Live still works OK(I have only played a couple of songs since the update), but I will never be able to update the firmware again or make any changes to the setup if I am unable to log into the drive.  I even tried unplugging both the power cord and the ethernet  cable, but after it booted back up, the green light remained on and I still cannot log into the drive.

Thank you.

try with the drive name in a browser or search bar ( if Win7)