Unable to connect through a switch

Hi all

Fairly new to all this so bear with me…

I have a My Book World Edition connected to a netgear switch which is in turn connected via homeplugs to a netgear wireless router. My TV  / Sky / PS3 are all connected to the switch and can see the My Book ok and it serves the media fine. However I cannot access the My Book through my laptop which is connected wirelessly to the Netgear router. If I connect the My Book to the Wireless router then I can access it through the laptop, but then I cannot access it from the TV so am unable to see any of my media.

It seems to be a networking issue, but I have no idea how it should be set up in order to see the My Book properly. Looking round the forums it should be possible to access via a router and a switch but it does not seem to be working…

Any help much appreciated.

The issue seems that the wireless router is assigning a different IP range to the laptop connected wirelessly. Try checking if the network settings on the laptop matches the settings on the MBW.