Unable to connect as a registered user

After a day or two of work, I finally got my cloud home duo working on my network. I can see the public folder and the time machine folder. I have even uploaded files to the public folder. BUT… when I try to open / access those files, I am told that I do not have access to the drive. I have tried to connect as a registered user, but my username and password don’t work. (I’m using the username and password that opens the drive and is my account on wd.com…) Can someone help?

Dear fredgraver1,

The connection would need to be made as guest to the public folder; registered user is not supported.

Please see the following article:

My Cloud Home: Private User Space & Public Share Access

If further support is needed, please create a case with our support team, so your issue can be further investigated: https://support-en.wd.com/app/askweb

I have the same problem. What do you mean “registered user is not supported” !??? What on earth is its function if you can’t use it - on a device that you have purchased!! Please advise.

There has been about 30 firmware updates to the My Cloud Home(D) and four major security updates to Windows 10 and 11 since this old 2022 thread was last updated.

You should start a new thread or ask WD Tech support directly through Chat or support ticket to better avail yourself of updated knowledge base.

In older versions of Windows, a “Guest” account allowed users to create a super locked-down environment to safely share a computer with other people to run apps and access the internet, but this special account is no longer available on Windows 11 (or Windows 10).