Unable to complete WD My Book Live first time setup

Hi all,

As the subject says, I’m unable to complete the firs time setup, using the provided cd and the updated detection sw provided by WD.

Right now, the drive is showing a green light, and detection keeps failing.

http://mybookliv does not work

NW light for link acct: Green

NW activity light: Blinks from time to time

Tried with a spare nw cable: detection fails

Tried connecting WD My Book directly to isp’s router: detection fails

OS: Win7 32 bits

HW: ram 4gb, phenom X2 555 (3.60ghz), 1500gb HD

My nw setup:

ISP provided router --> linksys wireless router --> pc1

                                                                                    --> pc2

                                                                                    --> laptop

                                                                                    --> WD My Book Live

Any help, suggestion is greately appreciated.


Check the firewall settings on the router.

Also you can try to Map the drive through Windows it selft.


Manual Mapping

  1. Right-click on  Computer  (Under Windows XP this will be  My Computer ).
  2. Click on  Map Network Drive.
  3. Under  Drive  choose the letter that you want it to have in My Computer.
  4. Under  Folder  click on  Browse  and find the folder that you want to map or type the UNC path (using the format \Drive\Share) to the drive. For example, if the share is called  Secrets , and your drive is called  MyNAS , you would enter  \MyNAS\Secrets
  5. If you want the drive to reconnect if the computer is rebooted check the  Reconnect at logon  box.
  6. If a computer running Windows XP maps a drive on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo and the drives login information is different from the Windows User, click on the  Connect using a different user name  link and enter the user name and password created on the network drive. Click  OK  to close the  Connect As…  dialog.
  7. Click on  Finish  and the drive should now be listed under  Computer  or  My Computer.