Unable to clone C:/ drive

Excuse my ignorance, but it’s been many year since I’ve wanted to clone a drive.  I have just installed a WD20EARX (J:/), but after only a couple of seconds, I get the following Error message: _ Failed to prepare operations. Error code: 10 ‘File system error is found’ with extended code: 458,774 ‘Block bitmap corrupted’" module=“10” time=“1318002352” _

I’ve checked out the FAQs and that’s not helped.

Anyone any idea what it all means and simple step-by-step instruction of how to get around it. 

I am using Windows 7 and the new drive is formatted to NTFS



That drive uses 4k sectors and GPT, so you’ll need to use a cloning software able to convert from 512b MBR to 4K GPT.