Unable to boot Lifeguard Diagnostics

Downloaded latest diag and created bootable CD. CD will boot and run dos. When DLGDIAG.EXE is run, video blanks and then nothing. System is old Dell 8400 running Win XP. Drive is 1TB Black. With Google search, I have found others with this symptom (not on WD site), but no solutions that work in my situation. The drive was originally in a RAID 1 config running Win 7 on another system. The BIOS on that system was reporting RAID errors so I replaced the drive. The Win 7 system is now fine. Trying to use the Dell system to evaluate the suspect drive that was removed. The Dell BIOS is not set for RAID and the system will boot from the drive.

Connect the drive as slave and run the Windows DLG version…

Update:  It appears that the Lifeguard standalone diagnostics are just poorly written. Tried it on another system that had 3 different WD drives and it worked, finding all drives. When I was testing with the Dell system, I had disconnected the 2 original drives (not trusting the diag). If I reconnect the root © drive alone, which is not WD, the diag will run and correctly reports that the drive is not WD. If I connect the other drive, which is WD, either alone or in addition to, the result is blank video. The diag appears be unable to handle and report errors in config or its enviroments. Not a good thing for a diagnostic.

The windows based version works with the suspect drive connected as an additional drive.

However, since the suspect drive was originally configured in a system as RAID 1, and the BIOS recognizes it, the diag cannot access the SMART data hidden behind the controller. If I change the drive to non-RAID, I believe all the data will be lost.

Is there another way to access the SMART data without destroying data?

Hi get a trial of HD tune or hard disk sentinel they can read the smart data.