Unable to Backup to USB after OS5 Upgrade

Hi all,

After upgrading to OS5, I’m unable to select folders from my NAS to back up to USB (see image).

I can see the USB folders fine, but since I can’t select anything from the NAS, I’m unable to back up unfortunately!

@Eambo Thanks for reporting the issue with USB Backups.
Please ensure the ‘admin’ user has READ/WRITE access to the USB Share and if the ‘admin’ is a member of a Group, the Group should have READ/WRITE access to the USB Share as well. If that does not resolve the issue, the workaround is to set the USB share to Public.

The issue with Private USB Backup shares will be fixed with a new version of the USB Backups app releasing shortly.

Thank you for the information! I did actually try giving my admin user access to read the share (although I’ve intentionally blocked this permission normally) which didn’t help.

I’ll try making it public, but it’s great to hear this is on the radar for a fix. Thanks for the update!