Unable To Access WD Drive WDTV

Following a complete crash and reformat of my hard disc drive I now cannot access (MAP Network Drive).

I have reintalled the software from the Web site so that I have the latest software. Manual mapping does not work as it cannot see the WD TV and the WD External Hard Disc Drive.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong. I have checked cables and power.

There is no problem with the WD TV as it works fine on its own.

is the WD TV connected wireless or wired to the router?

does the drive work when connected to the computer?

what media player do you have?

I can access mine with the following \devicename when you see that there will be the usb share 

The WDTV Live is working on its own and the hard disc of the WDTV works when I plug it in to my computer via a USB. However it does not work while it is connected through a CAT 5 cable directed through my modem/router.

I have begun to think that it is Windows 7 issue in that when I try to map the drive it does not find it. This all did work until I had to reformat my hard disc drive.

I have taken down the latest software from WD.