Unable to access via IP address

I cannot access the WD Duo Live via IP address. I can access the drive via the web GUI and have changed it to a static IP address, netmask, and gateway. 

I’ve entered the correct workgroup as I am using this on a domain to backup a few servers.

I can access the drive via FTP.

I’d like to be able to access it via Windows explorer using either an \IP address or \device name but Windows keeps blocking it saying that my account is not authorized to login from the station. (Happens as domain administrator and local administrator) 

Any Advice? Running WS2008.


It sounds like a security issue.

Have you changed the Admin password on the MBLD? If so, try logging on using user name [\mybookliveduo\admin](file://mybookliveduo/admin) with your MBLD password.

What will tell Windows to authenticate using the MBLD instead of your domain.