Unable to Access the My Passport Wireless on my Android Mobile using MyCloud OS 3

Previously was able to access MPW with my Huawei P9 as I used it on our travels 3 years ago.

  1. Have the 2Tb MPW
  2. Installed latest firmware My Passport Wireless v1.07.02
  3. Chkdsk the drive and there were no problems
  4. Am able to see that I connect to the MY Passport wifi (from the phone)
  5. Also enable thru Dashboard the connect thru to home wifi

Upon connecting to MY Passport wifi and launching the My Cloud OS3 (on the same phone)
I then select on MY Passport on my phone expecting to see my folders but immediately get the following:-

"MY Cloud

Unable to access the My Passport Wireless. Check your mobile device’s WiFI settings and make sure you are connected to the My Passport Wireless network. (1004)"

  1. I DID check my phone and it shows that I am connected to MY Passport network.

  2. Moreover, I access the MY Passport dashboard on my desktop and it also shows my Huawei P9 as being connected to MyPassport wifi.

  3. This is the third or more times I have reset the MPW by pressing down both the PWR and Wireless button to reset the device.

  4. In one of the reset, I connected directly to the desktop and quick reformat the disk after backing up the folders. (not sure this is a factor in the error I am getting).

  5. Since the reformat, I CANNOT access the MPW via phone, yet I CAN access MPW from the desktop as MPW appears as media device in my PC Network. THE only problem is when I select the MPW it runs a browser and up comes Twonky page which I never did install …so I can see photos and videos but I want to stream my photos and videos on my mobile device.

In summary, on my phone I am connected to the MY Passport network, on the desktop, the MYP is showing up in Desktop under the Network Icon as a Media and storage device. However I cannot get past the app MY Cloud OS 3 to access and stream by files.

Hopefully this community could shed some light to this situation. Thanks and regards