Unable to access the My Passport Wireless error message

On my Google Nexus 7 I get this message from the WD My Cloud app whenever I select the My Passport Wireless.   “Unable to access the My Passport Wireless. Check your mobile devices Wi-Fi settings and make sure you are connected to the My Passport Wireless network. (1004)”

I am logged into the Passport wifi and have access to the Dashboard and through the My Passport to the Internet.  I have disconnected and reconnected several time with no change in the error.  The passport is running the latest firmware.

I also get a different  error on my iPhone, which lists the media files but complains “Invalid Operation A file already existsa at this location or an invalid operation was attempted,”   whenever I try to play a song brose a folder.  

Further information:   I had to do a reset this morning, just to connect, now in the control panels the media count generates an error " Media Server database internal error. (400162)"   

Any help with this kludgy beast.  I really just want it to work without drama.  

This is getting very frustrating as it seems every time I am getting ready for a trip and want to use this, it takes a lot of work to get it operating.  

As you have already done a System reset, I think you should put the drive on the charger and then run the Media Server Rebuild. That may fix the file errors you are seeing.

If not, put it on a USB connection and run CHKDSK over it. It sounds like a bit of hard disk corruption. Has the drive hard a few bumps, or been moved while it was spinning?

Still showing errors? Redownload and re-install the latest firmware manually, using the manual method in the User Manual.

The MPW does work just fine as a USB drive and chkdsk found no errors.  So I can’t tell if a rebuild of the media will help.  I’ll just play it by ear and if no other solution appears, I’ll give that a try.  

As for moving it while the disk is spinning. It is used as a mobile drive and is not always still on a desk when in use.  Sometimes it is in a bag or pocket while on an airplane, much like my old iPod classic was.  AFAIK, it hasn’t been dropped.  

I decided to try a system and disk reset.  After OKing the warning prompt, I get an error, "Unable  to retrieve data.  Make sure there are no network connectivity issues and try again. (200005)

My iPhone clearly has connectivity because the MPW passes through the Internet just fine.  It could be the app, but it works fine with my WD cloud server so I am still at a loss and the MPW  is still more frustrating than usable. 

I had simmilar problems trying a full reset using my laptop.

Now when I go to the dashboard Media tab I get the following errors.  Time to call WD for an RMA?

  • Unable to retrieve data. Make sure there are no network connectivity issues and try again. (200005)
  • Error retrieving Media Streaming information: Connection Timeout. Please make sure your device is connected to the My Passport Wireless Wi-Fi network. (310017)
  • An error occurred while importing files from the SD card. Connection Timeout. Please make sure your device is connected to the My Passport Wireless Wi-Fi network. (310018)
  • Error retrieving SD Card after transfer information: Connection Timeout. Please make sure your device is connected to the My Passport Wireless Wi-Fi network. (310019)

Since you have gone as far as a System and Disk reset, I think you should try a manual installation of the firmware.

If you can’t get it to do that, then yes, definitely RMA time. Or at least Support Ticket time.

I finally found time to look at this again and decided to do an RMA rather than trouble shooing the problem.   This MPW has always been cludgy and I am disappointed in it.  If I were buying today, I’d certainly buy a different brand.  Maybe SSD based wifi storage will come down in price soon and I can get rid of WD’s buggy firmware for good.

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I’ll add this, there was no problem at all from WD.  They offered me the option either to to trouble shoot or do an RMA. The customer support guy was well trained and spoke clearly.  So at least WD put a decent warranty on the product and are very customer friendly about honoring it.

Hi. Currently I’m having the same issue. No issue connecting with my iPad however the error message popped out when connecting to Huawei P30 pro.

I’ve contacted WD support however they replied me saying the support for this product has ended and is no longer available per WD product software support status. I’m quite disappointed with WD and regret choosing it, I thought WD is a well known company with strong support. But did not know that after some years, they will not bother of their existing users.

Hope any kind expert can assist me into this matter.

The MPW is way past its supported life. It was kludgy begin with. I can still use mine but it is so slow it’s hardly worth having. I have moved on to solid state SanDisk devices.

I hardly use MPW. So when I want to use it, this error appear, however I can still connect it via ipad. The issue is that most of the files I wanted to backup is in my phone :joy: