Unable to access the Multimedia drive

I purchased a WD Elements Play - Multimedia drive in 2007 and it was working fine. Recently the Media drive is not accessible by my MacBook Pro. When I connect the device with the MacBook to drop my media files I can’t see any folder. Maybe it needs a software update I suppose since it is quite old. Any suggestions with regard to this is welcome.

There are no firmware/software updates for the device as it was discontinued years ago.

I’m assuming the WD Elements Play is the model with an internal hard drive ?

If your computer can’t see the internal hard drive it could be anything … faulty usb cable ? faulty usb port ? or after 13 years the internal hard drive has finally given up the ghost and died ? is there any indicators of life like a flashing led or sound that the hard drive still has life ? have you tried it on a different computer ? does the device power up at all connected to a TV ?