Unable to access shares on My Cloud

I have a 4TB My Cloud. I have set up users and shares (each user has a share by the same name, and has READ priveledges to other shares).
No users are able to make backups to their share, only to the SmartWare share. When ever I try to log a user into on the Home screen I authenticate with their username and pswd, but never receive a go ahead, except from the SmartWare share - which requires no authentication. Any suggestions? What am I missing?

Do they have their own computer with SmartWare on it and did they choose their share from the drop down menu to backup to? See example image below.

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Thank you Cat. I may have needed to be more clear in my report. I am able to map a drive to the My Cloud device from several of the PCs and laptops (all running Windows 10). When in the home screen, as in your reply, when I select SmartWare from the pull down menu the backup is enabled without authentication. When I select a share - for instance like “Horace” in your example - and click on the WD My Cloud as the back up target then I get prompted for a user iD and password. After providing the correct user and pswd the screen returns to the basic home screen. No backup, no highlighted file folders.
Am I doing this wrong? Should I only use the SmartWare share as my nackup target and use the named smares for other purposes? I am confused.
Please help me understand.
Thank you again.

Maybe this will help. I have two computers, my desktop named Desktop and my laptop named Laptop2. Each computer has SmartWare installed on it and both backup to my My Cloud. See example image below.

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I also have my share, Horace, and one created for my daughter, although she has never backed anything up to her share. I have backed things up to my Horace share so I can get to it on mycloud.com and my mobile app when I am away from home. I do not have a set backup frequency for my Horace share, I just backup to it when I know I have something I want to update or add to it so I can open it when away from home. See example image below.

Thank you again. Assuming your name is Horace, thanks Horace!!!

That clears up one misunderstanding. The default ‘local’ backup goes to the general ‘SmartWare’ share. I was able to validate those backups.
What is not any clearer though, is the backups I have tried to complete to the names shares - for instance my laptop has a username of ‘ChuckLaptop’. It has a share by the same name. When I try to (from the Home screen) connect the Backup Source (ChuckLaptop) to the Backup Target of WDMyCloud with a share of ‘ChuckLaptop’, I get prompted with a request for a user ID and pswd. I know they are both correct, however when I click “OK” with the credentials entered, the login screen goes away and the backup target is no longer highlighted as it was with the SmartWare Share.
I have even assumed the pswd was incorrect (not likely) and went to MyCloud and removed the pswd requirement for the user ID and I still get the same result.

Whatever I am doing wrong, I cannot get my backup started to a named share - only to the SmartWare share.

Any suggestions what I may be doing wrong?

Are you able to provide an image of the sign in requirement when you try to log a User in on the Home tab?

Will add this to this post, are all devices connected? See image below.

Thank you. Here is the screen shot for the login.

With you screen shot I went into the Configure Cloud Access area and found I may have some setup here to complete. I tried downloading the WDMyCloud desktop application for my PC laptop ( believe it is the same applicaqtion I took this following screen shot from) and was unable to locate my My Cloud device.

Here is what I get from the My Cloud Ap on my laptop, even though I can obviously get to the My Cloud because I am completing backups in the SmartWare share.

Here is the other screen shot…