Unable to access shares from Gnome Nautilus (Ubuntu installation)

Have multiple shares on my device, some public and some private. I also use a Unbuntu v18.x laptop. The built in file management GUI is Gnome Nautilus. Previously I had been able to browse the shares from Nautilus and to access the shares, both private and public, but I am no longer able to do so.

I had made some changes to the network settings a while back, but I don’t think that I changed anything that would prevent Nautilus from accessing the shares. As a matter of fact, I can access them via the command line. I can mount both public and private shares using samba. I just can’t access them via Nautilus.

There really isn’t much for settings, but can someone suggest a setting that I might have missed or didn’t think that I need, but really do?



AFAIK, they fixed a few security issues with automatic discovery over the network, hence the issues with nautilus.
I get a connection error with the auto discovered my cloud device, probably the same as you.
I use ‘Other locations’ - Server Address = smb://hostname to access the NAS in Nautilus.

Nautilus can see the nas device, so autodiscovery is working just fine. However, I can’t connect to the nas if I click on it. I get “Unable to Connect” or something like that.

I have manually typed in the command in the server address bar. Nautilus can see the shares if I do that, but I can’t access the private shares with my restricted user(s). None of them work. They all get access denied.

Something with the restricted user ID’s and the private shares. I feel that its something on the NAS because I’ve tried multiple versions of Ubuntu, from v14.x up to v18.10 and I’m having the exact same issues across all versions.


Create a user ‘test’ on the NAS.
A private ‘test’ gets created for this user.
In Nautilus, select Other Locations, then ‘Connect to Server’ with smb://mycloudpr4100.
Select Connect.
Select the ‘test’ share and fill in the test user credentials.

The auto discovered MyCloudPR4100 in the Networks list doesn’t work for me: Connection Refused whatever I do.

I did that prior to posting.

I also opened a ticket with support and was politely told that they to not support Linux or Ubuntu. Which is funny because the NAS OS is Linux.

I just remembered that there was a firmware release in January (about the same time I was displaced and had to relocate to my temporary location). I looked up the release notes and see there was a security fix applied

Added brute force attack mitigation

I’m not sure what was fixed, but I’m beginning to think that is the cause of my frustration.


It seems your issues are mainly with Nautilus as that is the component failing to mount the shares. A quick google search shows plenty of similar issues.
And I doubt there’s a lot of Nautilus devs browsing this forum… so I’d stick to command line mounts (which works both for nfs and smb) and put them in your /etc/fstab.

No, I don’t think so. I’m pretty confident that its on the NAS side. As I said, this has worked up until recently, then all of a sudden, it stopped work, and it stopped working mid January or so.

I did a lot of google searching, and I wasn’t to successful finding post’s similar to what I’m having issue with. I’m not sure how Nautilus does CIFS mounts. If I can figure that out, I might be able to do better at troubleshooting this issue.