Unable to access remote drive on wd2go.com due to Java 8 Update 20

I am trying to access my remote drive via wd2go.com and have been able to get to the shares page. Once I get to that page, I am blocked due to Java issues. I tried the solution as shown at  wd2go information on Java security settings .

After doing some research, I found that the latest version of Java (Version 8 Update 20) does not allow for a medium setting on the security tab.

Will I need to uninstall my current version of Java and install an older one OR is there an address I can put in the exceptions list in the Java security tab?

You can put exceptions in the security tab. I believe you see the URLs in the error messages. They look like:

http:// and https://, deviceXXXX.wd2go.com:8888 and 9999, respectively, or something very similar. the XXXX is a number that the wd2go.com chooses for your device, 8888/9999 is the external port number that you have forwarded to your internal 80/443 port of your NAS. If you have used the auto settings, your router has chosen this number automatically using UPnP.

I was able to find an answer to the problem… You will need to add two addresses to the Java Security exception site list and use any Windows browser with the exception of Internet Explorer. I successfully used Firefox and Chrome to access my shares:

  1. The https address that shows up as you try to access the shares (example: https://_ YOURDEVICENAMEandNUMBER _.wd2go.com). Your device name and number will be different.

  2. The second address will consist of the following information http://_ YOURDEVICENAMEandNUMBER _.wd2go.com/Admin/webapp/htdocs/MapDrive.jar?v=18

Ignore the warning from java about using an http: address.

  1. Try to log into your shares via www.wd2go.com using your web browser and go through the regular procedure of user name/password, then select your device and view shares, then enter your password again. At this point, it will try to open the shares and you will get two warning windows about java security. Select Run Anyway on both of these windows and your shares should appear.

What type of computer or device are you using to view wd2go? According to my computer and the Java site I have the latest recommended version 7 and update 67. I have Windows 7 SP1.

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cat0w (USA)

The staff member was running Windows 7 with Java 8 Version 20. It was interesting to see the issues with this version of Java considering I received a request to upgrade it this morning to 8 v 20.