Unable to access Private shares from outside my office network

I’m unable to access my private shares from anywhere away from office. I need to keep contract info private because sometimes different parts of the group are competing, or even working for competitors. I’d love to just pull up my iPad and drag up the work flow diagram. Or sit down in the hotel at night with my laptop and decide I need to do some work on a project that I hadn’t though about to just then.


If your user has access to the private shares there should not be any problems since you will log in with your credentials on the WD Mycloud application.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try to figure out what I should be doing vs what I am doing. I’m a fracking Unix sysadmin, I watched NatApp be born, this kind of stuff is supposed to be easy.

Or is it that I’m used to tough and this is the good old “it’s so simple even a child could do it. Now go find a child to do it” :blush: