Unable to access MyCloud Dashboard through Chrome

Not sure this is the correct place to post this issue, but I can no longer access my MyCloud dashboard from Chrome.
The login page opens but every time I try to enter a password, as soon as I select the password field the page appears to refresh and clear any value.
At most I can enter ‘1’ character and it will refresh.
I was in the dashboard yesterday about this time and made no changes. It does not seem directly dashboard functionality related, but how the dashboard interfaces through the browser.

I’ve tested in MS Edge and FF and they both work so it appears to be something with Chrome and how dashboard functions.

Running firmware 2.30.165.

Same issue for me, same firmware and issue only occuring with Google Chrome.
Hoping for WD to release a firmware fix soon!

Thanks for confirming the problem schndr. At least I wasn’t the only one seeing it.

Recent firmware update to 2.30.172 - Did not fix anything related to Chrome interface. Still fails to allow the login.

Same issue here - Chrome reports (click on the little (i) to the left of the url) that the connection to the site is not secure and that we shouldn’t enter any sensitive information as it could be stolen by attackers. I am assuming (and please forgive my ignorance on the topic) that Chrome is looking for a security certificate since this is an Https link? Clearly something has changed either at the Chrome end or the NAS end to cause this. Odd because Firefox and MS Edge don’t have any issues.

Seems to be working now through Chrome.

They must have fixed the JAVA reset or whatever it was.