Unable to access my files on my new x1 T WD Passport

I just bought a new WD Passport and since I was in a hurry to back up my computer files, I plugged the Passport ito my comnputer and without doing anything else, I created a folder in Passport, downloaded the files. Now when I try to access these files after the computer was reformated by an IT, we can the no problem the folder and files in the Passport, but we are unable to open or offload the files since we keep getting a message that “You don’t currently have permission to access this folder or files”. I need help to find a way to access these file, can anyone help please!!!

Did you use Smartware for backup? If so you may need to do another backup http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-for-PC/data-restore/m-p/161586/highlight/true#M5703 For the permission problem right click on the file or drive and select properties and full  permission to everyone.


Hi Joe, unfortunately due my my speedy copy of the files, I did not use any Smartware for the back-up of my files. All I did is to make a new folder in the Passport and then copy paste all of the files. The funny thing is that soon after I transfer the file sto the Passport, I also transfered another computer’s files to another folder that I created in the Passport and all of those files are accessable and have no problems. 

When I try to get permission for the folder in question, it states that it can’t find the owner of the folder, how did this happen? and how can I go around that?

A couple of things to try. Search out Take Ownership and try that. You might try making a Linux Live CD and boot from that. Sometimes you can recover data that way.