Unable to access My Cloud after enabling Link Aggregation

So I am helping my college instructor with setting up a WD My Cloud as a backup NAS for some iSCSI Drives. We enabled link aggregation and then we lost connection. I did some searching and found that we had to enable LACP in the switch so we did. that seemed to change the problems we were having. The NAS is connected to a Cisco SG300-28 Switch and has a LAG Setup on the two ports with LACP enabled. What are we missing that is causing us to lose connection to the switch? We have the NAS set on the adapative Load Balancing mode.

What specific My Cloud model are you trying to setup/use?

WD My Cloud EX4100.

See the dedicated subforum for the EX Series where users more familiar with that device may be able to assist, and or where you can use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find past discussions similar to your issue.

My Cloud EX Series
Discussions for the My Cloud EX2100 & EX4100

Generally this subforum (My Cloud) discusses the single bay/single drive My Cloud which has less/fewer features/options than the multi bay My Cloud models have.

Oh OK thanks. New to the forums did not know there was on dedicated to the series.