Unable to access My Cloud after connecting USB Hard Drive

I plugged in a 1.5TB drive into the USB port on the back of the My Cloud, it seemed to read the attached drive for several minutes, when it finished reading the attached drive I could hear the My Cloud disk spinning. The disk would not stop spinning even after 10 minutes and I could not access the device using my computer. I finally had to pull the power and the external drive. When I powered it on again it worked fine. Was I just not being patient enough? There were a lot of files on the USB drive. Is it possible that the MyCloud was just indexing all the files? Is this a normal function when plugging in a large USB drive with a lot of files that the device becomes unresponsive? Thanks for any help you can give.

Yes, other users have reported that the file scanning happening by default can smother the USB disk. You can make things easier by disabling media scanning for the shares on the USB disk, but this disables only part of the scanning. Let the scanning run its course. Might be several hours.

Thanks, That’s what I thought. Instead of plugging the drive into the USB port on the back of the My Cloud I plugged it into the computer and moved the files over the network which is insanely fast and rather than try to dump my entire photo library to the device at once I have been doing it by year. This still means dropping 8000 photos at a time and most of them are raw files from a Canon 60D so they are pretty big. I’ve been dumping the photos at night and sometime the next morning they are all sorted out.

The lesson here is that any time you introduce a large number of files to the My Cloud either by copying files to it or plugging a USB drive into the back of it, it can take several hours for the device to index all of the files and could make it inaccessible during that time. Be patient.

Yes, uploading a bunch of content will slow down the NAS considerably for a long while. Some users end up disabling the services running on the NAS that index the content, create thumbnails, etc. While these services are useful to simplify the experience for the average user, you can do without them if you just want raw remote file access (for RAW pictures, no pun intended, you might not care about automated thumbnaisl and lower res versions for faster viewing on WDPhotos apps)