Unable to Access My Book Live


I had some issues of a conflicting IP address, so I changed My Book Live from a DCHP to A static IP.

My network/modem/router has been all set up as standard DCHP.

I am now unable to access my book live at all, and I want to put it back to DCHP settings.

How can I do this without losing my data?


Hey Anthony_Longo,

In most circumstances it will be better to leave the My Book Live or My Book Live Duo set to DHCP mode.

Just follow the steps on the link below and select DHCP instead of Static.

You should not lose any data by changing the IP address, whether static or dynamic. You will lose access to the data until you start using the new address, but the data will not disappear.

DHCP should prevent conflicting IP addresses, not cause them. Did you already have a static IP address that was within the DHCP range? If so, the solutions are to limit the range of addresses given by the DHCP server or eliminate all static IP addresses. If you need something in your network to have an unchanging IP address then make sure that address is outside the DHCP range.

Thanks for your help everyone.

In the end late last night I held the reset button in fro about 20 seconds.
My Book Live, went back to the original settings and put itself back to DHCP.
I did not lose any data, and was able to get access back to it all again.

Thanks for your help.