Unable to Access My Book Live via Wifi

Hi All,

I have just updated my My Book Live to the most recent firmware. before I did this it was working perfectly as it should via my Sky broadband router, It would talk to my Mac (OSX 10.8.2) and I could access it via the iphone apps.

Since updating I can no longer access it wirelessly and i’m unable to see it using the apps. If I plug the LAN cable directly into my MacBook I can get access to the dashboard and all my files. All i did was update the firmware and now it wont work wirelessly. I initally thought it must have been an error with the firmware update as it did fail first time… I plugged the harddrive directly in to my LAN socket on my Mac, enabled internet connection sharing and I double checked the firmware and it says its up to date

any thoughts?? is it being blocked by my router now?? may Sky router is standard with no mods to any of the settings.

I just want to get it working again :slight_smile: any help would be greatly appreciated 

Check your routers IP table to make sure the drive is getting an IP.

If it does you will be able to map to the IP address that is showing.

Sounds like a security issue but try checking the settings.