Unable to access my book live GUI

Hi when trying to access my book live, the GUI is displaying some sort of source code at the top of the screen and a “let us help you” message in the middle of the screen. I can still access my files via Window and am currently making pain stakedly back ups from my drive. Does anyone know if a reset will roll back the GUI data to the original that came on the drive and if so how? Or may be ant other ideas. Thanks

This has been mentioned before.  I think it might the problem may clear-up itself, but yes, back-up your data.  Once done that, press the reset button.  You’ll need to re-instate the owner (aka. Admin) password as that will be cleared.  The reset button wil cleanly reboot your MyBook live.

Please do report back if this sorts out the issue.

(Also, try another web browser. The MyBook Live dashboard works well with the latest version of Firefox.)

Is it like this


I had to reset it several times but finally it has given me a GUI I can access. My documents where still all ok however this time I have disabled auto updates.

Thanks All

Yes not as much text. But the source script was displayed as the picture on that link

I think this is issue is known and a fix is in the pipe line?  I’m sure W.D. staff would have seen this. Defo the moderator will have seen this discussion thread and taken note.  W.D. staff may not respond to every problem discussed but I can’t beleive it’s ignored.

If it’s taking time to get something sorted then, as I would, deferring releasing a fix too early is prudent.

I believe, from information within this My Book Live board, that this latest release was a bit of a hurried release in an attempt to stop the Web UI being bricked.

I hope it’s simple and useful, just use Firefox browser, it works.