Unable to access My Book Live from new Macbook Pro (Mavericks)


I recently bought a new Macbook Pro running Mavericks (OSX 10.9.2) and cannot access my 2TB MBL. From Finder, I can see the device under ‘Shared’ directory but when I click on the device I get the same response ‘Connection Failed’. I also have 2 other Mac laptops which can access the drive perfectly, including a very old iBook G4 running Tiger (OSX 10.4.11) and a second Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.8). I have never needed to install any software on the other laptops OR format the drive for a Mac. I also use Windows based laptops which also work fine with the MBL. The only thing I can think of is that it is something to do with Mavericks.

Is anyone else having the same issue and is there a known fix??


Be sure that all of the Mac’s are using different network names, to verify this you can go to System Preferences / Sharing / Change Computer Name. You can also try to map the My Book Live manually. Check the link below for the steps.