Unable to Access My Book Live Admin Console

Hello - I need help.

I cannot access my WD My Book Live web admin console even if I have typed in correctly its IP Address on web browser.

Yesterday evening, there was red light showin on front LED but then I unplugged the power cable and let it rest powered off over the night - this morning I powered on, there is no more red LED light but Green light - but then I cannot access into its web admin console - what could have happened?

Would it have been reset to factory default and changed IP address?

Oh I hope nothing serious…

Thanks. Arc.

Dashboard access is needed in order to perform a factory restore. However, a physical reset by means of holding the reset switch located on the back of the unit should clear any IP or user credential issues related to the dashboard without compromising stored data.


Hi Trancer, thanks for the reply.

I just want to provide another finding - the light shows occassionally blue and occassionally green.

But I did try using “WD for Windows” software - my MyBookLive is not detected/shown on the available NAS.

Would physical reset by holding the reset switch at the back, be able to help, please? Or just worth to try?