Unable to access mkv files on my WDTV box


my WDTV Box is connected to my PC (Windows 7) via a Hub and Ethernet cables.

 I have no problem to see the videos stored on different folders on the PC and can read them correctly, but the mkv video files are not displayed  at all, like they werent on the Pc’s hard disk.

The very same mkv files are perfectly readable on my PC with the Final Media Player.

Apparently mkv is a supported format and I don’t understanf why WDTV is not even finding them on my PC video folders.

Many thanks in advance for any help some of you can give me.:smileyvery-happy:


Are you connecting to the pc via network shares?

MAny thanks for your interest in my problem, RichUK.

I am faily new in this network set-up, so I I don’t understand exactely what you mean by “Network shares”.

Allow me to explaine in laymens terms how I am set-up:

The hardware connection I am using consists in a router ( Motorola provided by the internet service provider in Switzerland) which has 4 Ethernet ports. One is used to connect my PC, another to connect the TV and another to connect the WDTV box. I am using ethernet cables to connect these 3 devices to the router.

The logical connection is done via the Media Libary connection. When initalising the WDTV you have the choise of using Local storage, media library, mutimedia server, shared network and online service. I guess your question relates to the shared network mentioned in the options above.

If this is the case: no I am not using the shared network. I tried to use this connection but it askes for a password which I wasn’t able to find out. So I connect via the Media Library and when I choose “Videos” in the bar at the bottom of the WDTV screen I get the list of video folders and video files residing on the  PC and I can read them correctly (with some few exceptions).

But the .mkv files just don’t show up in the list.

Some other files or folders do not show up as well. Example is the Wildlife.wmv video that Windows 7 provides as a sample video. Some other .wmv show up in the list  but cannot be read. This is not very important to me, but I really would like to access the .mkv files because of their hight quality.

I really appreciate all the help you can give me and I thanks you in advance four your kind assistance.

Lukus wrote:


If this is the case: no I am not using the shared network. I tried to use this connection but it askes for a password which I wasn’t able to find out. So I connect via the Media Library and when I choose “Videos” in the bar at the bottom  

I don’t think you actually are using Media Library.   Media Library is an aggregation of Network Shares.   If using Network Shares required you to put in a User ID and password, so would Media Library.

You’re probably using Media Server instead, and the default Windows Media Server doesn’t support MKVs without adding specific codec libraries to Windows.

Many thanks TonyPH12345,

yes indeed, I am using the Media server. And with this connection I can see and access all video folder/files on my PC, exept the mkv files.

So I tred to connect via Network share and thats where I am asked for a name and password which I cannot figure out. I was able once to acces the PC via network share and there I could see only my Public Folder and was able to correctly read the mkv file which was in that folder.

When trying to connect via the shared network I am asked to enter name and password.By default the  name is “anonymous” and I tried to use the password of the residential group (10 characters)supplied by Windows but only succeded once. I am wondering if this is the correct required password. Have you an idea of what kind of name and password is required and where to find them?

In your kind reply you mentioned that a codec my be needed to read mkv files when conecting via Media Server. Would you know which codec is needed and where to find it?

Sorry of being so demanding, but I am really stuck.

MAny thanks again.

network share password -

use the userid and password you use to sign in to your computer

also requires that the files/folders be explicity shared out using windows file sharing

from reading above, sounds like to connected once, and found only the public files are currently shared out

media servers -

I personally use shark’s 007 codec package

but there’s plenty of others out there

also I don’t use windows media player at all

I rarely actually need a media server, and when I do I rely on servio

mostly for pulling content of the internet

Many thanks Kad7 for your help.

I finaly figured out the name and password problem to connect via shared network. I was using the residential group’s password but as you correctly advised it is the PC’s password… which in my case is not set. So in my case the name is the user name of the PC and password is empty. Now it works.

I still have the problem of sharing files/folders but this is a Windows issue and I will figured it out.

By the way, in connecting via shared network, I can read the mkv files correctly and with great pleasure.:smileyvery-happy::smileyvery-happy:

To all of you ; many thanks again for your support and help