Unable to Access Internet through My Book World

I have a MyBook World Edition (white light) connected to my home network and BT Home Hub. Although I can access this NAS from my laptop and save files, carry out backups etc. when I run Mionet I get an error message saying that the server cannot access the internet.

I have internet access from laptop so I’m at a loss.

Can anyone help please?

P.S… In order to ‘see’ the drive I gave it a static IP - don’t think this would cause the problem but thought I would add this info.


Are you trying to connect within the same network or from a different location?

Please note that Mionet is to connect to the unit remotely.

When you set up the Static IP address on the MBWE, did you enter addresses for Default Gateway and DNS? Default Gateway should be the local network address of your Home Hub router. Typically there will be two DNS addresses listed in the router’s setup pages. These should be entered in the spaces provided under the Static IP on the MyBook World.

If your notebook is set to obtain addresses automatically (DHCP), it will have obtained Default Gateway and DNS as well. Hence, it will be able to access the internet.