Unable to access folders... bad shortcut


First of all, excuse me for my poor English, I usually speak French.

My problem is that I can’t access my folders on my 1TB MyBook Live via my network page on Win7. Everytime I click on the MyBook live icon a broken link webpage opens…


This appears:


the only way to access my folders is to create a desktop shortcut when i’m installing WD Smartware with the CD…

i get a shortcut like that:


and i can have access my folders:


Is there an easier way to acces my folders if I erase that link by mistake or I’ll have to insert the installation CD again to get that link. I can’t map it like other hardrives…

Also,  the upload speed is very slow (2mb/s-3mb/s) is that normal?


Dude, it is actually working as it should. The MBL will appear on the computer section once you map the network shares, and it will also show up under the Network section as a whole device. That picture is from the “devices” section, which will NOT give you access to the MBL because the devices section on Windows 7 takes you configuration page of listed devices, hence, it takes you to the MBL configuration web page when you open it.

Now, the link is broken, it’s taking you to www.mybooklive.com instead of mybooklive/, so the network link is down and you can’t see the configuration page using the name. What if you try the IP address of the MBL on FireFox so you can see the configuration page you should see when you open the devices section?

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