Unable to access folder

I have one of your 4TB My Books, in the last couple of days I have been unable to access a folder I created well I can access it but it continues to blink and not showing any content…I hope the attached give you an idea on what I mean.



Folder, “~twitter” may be consist of History files which would be small in size and its root directory files would be stored in another storage location in My Book. You should check for its main directory files and there you will find actual images.

it doesn’t appear your right, there are no files in the main directory. I have looked and looked.

back to the first image, when I try to open the folder the bar, slider in the upper right corner under the question mark blinks or flashes every time I open that folder and doesn’t change.

any ideas??


I have the same problem; I can’t access all my stored info anymore. What’s also infuriating is that I can’t even select the drive when I import pictures on my computer, no idea how I will do my backup anymore.

I need help, and fast. No idea why they would create updates that just don’t let me access my external drive anymore. I hope you can help me and that I can use my external drive again for peace of mind, not added stress coz’ I don’t know if my backup pictures are still in my drive…

please close this, I got help via WD Support