Unable to access files, but folders are showing

I have a white 2TB unit.
It is connected to my network via a unmanaged switch and has been fine up to a coule of weeks ago.
Nothing has changed in the set up.
I can access the drive and see the folders from my Windows PC.
If I double click on the “Public” folder (for example) it does not open. A band travels along the top

I can not access the My cloud app on ios (any of my devices).

I have switched off the unit, left it off for 5 minutes, and reconnected it to the main supply, but this has vade no difference.

The Blue light is slowly flashing (as it has always done).
EDIT: The Blue light is not flashing - it is solid blue light

If I try and connect from a PC via My Cloud I get the same message as on the ios devices:

something went wrong…

The device must be connected to the Internet, or my PC would not “see” the folders

Can anyone help please ?
If the drive is not fixable as a NAS, can I access the files via ethernet cable or some other way please?

Just powered off and on again - no better

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard?

How to access the Dashboard on a My Cloud (single bay) device

One troubleshooting step is to use the My Cloud IP address rather than the name when using Windows File Explorer (example: \\\)

For the remote access and mycloud.com issues, check the remote access/cloud access Connection Status in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings. If it doesn’t indicate a connection then remote access will fail. One may have to turn off Remote Access/Cloud Access, wait a few minutes, then re-enable it to fix some remote access connection issues.

And also note that Microsoft may disable SMB1.0 so check to ensure that option is enabled. When disabled one may have issues in Windows File Explorer seeing/accessing a My Cloud.

How to Enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support on Windows 10

Thanks @Bennor , I am unable to access the dashboard of the device, the tab just says “Loading” but never gets anywhere.

I have checked the SMB1.0, and it IS enabled.

On the plus side, I have connected an Ethernet Cable from the device to the Ethernet port on my PC, and the files are visible in File explorer, so at least I have been able to rescue files, but this is not a solution to my problem.

Has anything changed on the local network in recent weeks? New hardware, new router, changed broadband provider, etc.? As a troubleshooting step one can check in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings what the My Cloud IP address setting is. If it was set to Static IP and one’s local network IP address range changed that could present the issues you are seeing. A 4 second reset via the My Cloud reset button on the back of the unit will reset the DHCP setting to default, obtain IP address from local network DHCP server (usually one’s network router).

My Cloud not accessible - Change Router, ISP or Network

How to Reset a My Cloud (single bay) Device

@Bennor - Thanks - The unit is showing up now, and has always shown in the attached devices.

Nothing has changed in terms of Hardware, router or provider.
It was never assigned a static ip address.Attached 2021-02-09 152648
The thing that is puzzling me is that the unit blue LED is on and not flashing (device ready), in the past it has always been Pulsating. Also, the folders show, but not the contents, but I can connect the ethernet port on the device to an ethernet port on my PC, and can access the files, so the Hard drive itself must be OK surely ?

Can you post a screen shot of the folders that are showing but not the contents?

Can you access your files using the IP address for the My Cloud in Windows File Explorer/Mac Finder or other file explorer?

@Bennor - here’s a screen shot of the folders which are showing:

The ip address for My Cloud is, (attached devices from the router,) but putting this into my browser window just results in a spinning circle eventually resulting in

I tried going through “my files”, but the result was the same - not possible as device is off line…


Because you indicated that by connecting the My Cloud directly to the Ethernet port on your computer you can see the files/Shares, this likely indicates you likely have an issue with your network setup or configuration.

Some additional troubleshooting steps/things to check.
Connect the My Cloud directly to the router and not a separate network switch.
On Windows make sure the Network Profile is set to Private and not Public.
Check any third party firewall or security software. Temporarily disable them and see if the issue persists. Some third party firewall/AntiVirus software may block or limit access to network devices.
If your computer uses WiFi to connect to the local network router that the My Cloud is connected to, check the router’s WiFi settings (via the router’s administration page) to ensure Client Isolation (or something similar) isn’t enabled that would block access to a local network My Cloud.
Make sure all devices on the local network are using the same Workgroup name.
Replace the Ethernet cable to the My Cloud with another one.
Try a different networking port on the router or switch.
When using an IP address in Windows File Explorer one needs to use \\ in front of the IP address other wise they’ll likely see an error. Example: \\

OK @Bennor , lets see where we are:

  1. Connect the My Cloud directly to the router…
    Success - The files come up instantly.
  2. Windows Network = Private
    Firewall is Windows Security - No Change when switched off
    AV is Defender - No change when switched off
    Also Malwarebytes - No Change when switched off.
  3. Router shows in wifi settings OK.
  4. Workgroup Name (not sure how to check)
  5. Replace ethernet cables - no difference
  6. Different Networking port - no difference
  7. inputting \ in front of 192.168 etc - the dash disappears when pressing enter.

I’ve also done some testing on Internet speeds at various points, by connecting my laptop via ethernet, and using Fast.com to measure speed.

  1. Sky max speed 39.99 Mbps
  2. direct at Router port = 37Mbps
  3. from ports at back of switch = 6.2 Mbps with other items connected
  4. with only pc connected = 36 Mbps
    with Hive hub added = 36Mbps
    with cctv added = 36Mbps
    with TP Link out added (no loads on out units)
    with Sky minibox connected 7.5 Mbps
  5. Connect My Cloud to the switch with minibox connected. No Files
    Connect My Cloud to the switch with minibox not connected Files :grin:

Now, because of a Sky issue, I have to connect my miniboxes via ethernet.
The Sky router only has 2 ports, so 1 goes to the switch, and 1 to the Q box. (I’m assuming the Q needs a direct connection from the router).

I will now buy another switch and see if that one will run the MyCloud and the Q box.

Thanks for your invaluable assistance @Bennor