Unable to access device. (503)

I keep getting this error on the my cloud app, and then when I try to login via mycloud.com I get a - can’t connect to mycloud error. On the pc, I can access the drive direct through the pc, via the network directories. While on the pc, the same IP network as the cloud, 192.168.100.xxx - if I type in the ip address of the cloud into a web browser it won’t connect.

Now I had this error on the tablet/phone and I removed the device on the app and re-added and it worked for a couple of hours, but eventually the 503 error came back again. Tried uninstalling app and device from app and reinstall but still the error. That’s when I checked access via the pc which is on the same network as my cloud.

If I restart the pc, I can still access the file by going through the network directories. But if I try to access through mycloud.com or type in the ip address in a browser, I can’t access the device.

It’s a bit frustrating.

In terms of behaviour when this has happened - when I was moving a TB of data from the pc to the cloud, when I access my music on the cloud and played a file direct from the mycloud app on the phone (music played no problem, but when I stopped it and came back to it later I got the 503 error), when the phone was syncing photos (it was taking a long time, I stopped the sync, and then when I got back home and checked the sync again it started but wouldn’t complete, I removed the device and re-added to the app and then I was getting the 503 error).

My gut feeling is that this happens when there is heavy activity, streaming music, copying large files for some time, or trying to sync photo’s for some time.

To fix it, I have to physically unplug the device from the power and then plug it back in for a reboot.

What is error 503 exactly anyway? and any ideas on a fix on this? Bit worried as I rely on the cloud for work purposes when working remotely - at least 2 days a week. Not an ideal solution if it goes down while I’m remote and can’t reset it because it needs to be done physically.


See if the following link helps

Thanks for responding but unfortunately no, it doesn’t solve my problem. I think it may be a different issue. It’s just happened again.

So on my android tablet and phone through the my cloud app I still get the 503 error. It was working for a few days at least.

I tried through the browswer on the phone and tablet via the mycloud.com website and I get the can’t connect “yourcloud” error. I tried clicking on the Accept your device’s security certificate and that just opens a new tab with HTTP Status 503 error - tcp relay failed - exceeded number of connections.

I then jumped onto the pc and I could connect to the mapped drives via explorer. When I was on the pc I tried to access mycloud from IE10 and Chrome browsers and still got the same error about connecting to the cloud. I clicked on the Accept your device’s security ticket and got the same HTTP error. This doesn’t seem browser specific.

Also, when i type the ip address or mycloud.local in a web browser, it won’t connec to the admin of the cloud.

I can successfully access the cloud via explorer and the mapped drives. My pst files are on the drive and outlook opens perfectly.

It seems the problem is to do with leaving the immediate network. I have a broadband modem ip address, and then a wireless router (dlink dir-890L) plugged into the broadband modem with IP address of There are only 7 devices connected to the wireless router. The cloud is plugged into the dlink router, with IP address 192.168.100.xxx.

Any suggestions or do I still need to provide more information?

This problem is still occuring on a regular basis.

I now believe it is a fault with the my cloud app. Any time you try to download a a good few files, or access directories with a lot of photo’s from the tablet or phone, it ends up disconnecting and you get the 503 error when going to use the app again.

Please fix.

This is not a solution, but for what it’s worth, I have had the same issue on my EX4100.
The problem occurs when I attempt to copy a large selection of files or a directory with a large number of files from the server to an attached USB3 external drive.
If I manually select files, about 50, then there is no issue, because I then have to manually select another 50 files and perform the same action and the server remains “active”.
But if I attempt to copy a directory with 100+ files then it seems like the server goes into a sleep mode and disconnects since there is no actual manual operation occurring, like if I was accessing the dashboard of working from my connected PC and accessing the server.I actually had to reboot my server to re-establish a connection and then my phone/tablet apps would see the server and directories.
I think this is vendor software issue where the software does not validate a Wifi operation of a large file access/transfer as a legitimate activity on the server and goes into sleep mode due to no manual activity.

So this could be anything from a caching issue with a large amount of data or an unrecognized non-manual operation that is not recognized by the server regarding “activity”.
Possibly there is a setting for sleep mode, just had the problem and haven’t looked further into it yet.

Edit - Could be related to Sleep Mode setting = ON or Web Access = 30 minutes (max).