Unable to access device (1003) when downloading ANY file viewing


Well, I’m considering dumping My Cloud for a Synology device.  I can view any file on my device via the Android app.  However, when I try to download ANY file, it fails and then I can’t even view it after that.  I have seen other posts with the same issue and there is no solution posted.

I am trying to download on an Android based phone (Moto X) and a Galaxy Tab S 10.5.  Both are running Kit Kat and I haven’t done anything special to them (i.e., they haven’t been rooted).  This cloud solution is useless as I can’t download anything.  How is this being able to access anywhere on any device?!

Too bad I didn’t try this out sooner before my vacation next week.  WD doesn’t have my business if they can’t provide a solution.  I’m also running into performance issues with the latest firmware update but I’ll respond to a different post for that.

Well, it must be an Android issue. I can view the files fine on an iPad mini but it still says I can’t access the device on my Android tablet. Pretty buggy if you ask me. There’s no download option in the iOS app so I don’the know if that would work. However it seems when I try to open the file after trying to download, Android says it can’t access the device.


Have you tried changing the destination folder when you try to download the file?

I believe the faut is with the WD app, I have 3 android devices.  2 running Icecream and these run fine.  The device running KitKat is the problem.  Can stream and view but not download.  WD need to update the app probably.