Unable to access device (0)

Any solutions for this message? (constant restart the my cloud is not a solution)

Port is forwarded, I can reach via FTP from external network

I can also reach the UI, or at least the first page (Attempting to authenticate…) with https, and get the 400 bad request with port 403.

After My Cloud restart I can use it for a few days without a problem, and after a few days I get unable to access, and it is driving me crazy.

Can someone finaly help me? Or after vacation because I couldn’t use this [Deleted] what I bought for just throw it out the window and buy a Synology NAS instead?

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


I have the same problem, quite frequently, either Unable to access device (0) on Android or Device is inaccessible error on iOS.

This is just one of the plethora of problems that this device has. I have worked with support couple of months ago, installed special logging scripts provided by them, and, in a nutshell, nothing has helped and this still keeps happening every few days on each of my drives.

I’ll probably just disassemble them, take out the drives and buy a Synology unit, as these MyClouds have never performed properly in the past 9 months that I’ve had them.

I have the same problem and I saw in another post that WD is aware of the issue and it’s  working on it. The issue seems to be that the device loses its network credentials.  Try to use \wdmycloud\admin as a username instead of admin. In my case sometimes it helps without having to reboot the device. Another thing you can do is to verify that services such as Network Connections, Network List , Network Location awareness , UPnP, SSPD are all set as Automatic Start . Also, .

restart Cloud Access from Dashboard/Settings/General and make sure that the ports are 80 and 443.

I don’t think it’s a settings problem, its a bug.  But settings can have an effect.