Unable to access device. (0) remotely

I have been able to access my WD MyCloud device remotely through 3G since I got it a few weeks but it has stopped working all of a sudden.

Nothing  has changed to my knowledge but I have getting the “Unable to access device. (0)” message every time I try to connect to my WD using 3G.

Any ideas how to resolve this issue if there is a fix this…

Delete the accessing devince from the NAS UI under the user, in the cloud access tab.

Remove the device from the phone app. Then add it back again.

Make sure you have a fixed IP address on your local network.

Recently I changed the IP address of my NAS, and it screwed up all my remote access. I went through the procedure above and was able to access the cloud again.

Thank you Eutopes. Will try what you have suggested and get back to you.