Unable to access Dashboard

Don’t want to confuse anyone…but I reset my modem/router, AND it reset the MY Cloud dashboard from, to

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Agree people need to verify their dynamic URL assignment by the router to the WD drive. If you restart or power down your router, the URL will change.

I wish to add that the current firmware, 4.1.2-417 appears very stable.


  1. When resetting WD drive (using pin hole switch), recommend restarting the router as well. This seems to increase access speed.

  2. attach only USB 3.0 compatible drives to the WD drive for backups. Found using older drives problamatic. Also backups or safepoint updates are much faster.

I to am having this problem and this 4TB MY CLOUD is certinly not easy to use, in fact it is not user frienly at all. I still cannot get my dashboard to display. It just states it cannot be displayed and check the address ? I used the app to try to open it.

HELP :cry:  

I checked MY CLOUD ip address on my router and it had changed when I had to reset my router and when I put in the current address  on ie it opened my cloud dashboard and after checking the ip address it had corrected itself to the new address. Lets just hope this is the answer to a situation that gave me a migraine !!

this is why I always suggest a static IP for any network resource.

it could change even without the router reset. this dosn’t normally happen but a DHCP address has a lease time, after this time the device needs to request a new address, the router will generally give the same address again but there is no gatuntee

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Thanks for the info.