Unable to access dashboard unless I reboot my EX2

So I’ve just purchased an EX2 Ultra, only to have problems setting it up.

The card that came with the product advised me go to mycloud.com/setup, which I did and followed a process of creating an email address to allow me to access the box from within my browser.

However, it seems that my device is being physically recognised on the network - it is only visible (from things like Sync) when I sign into MyCloud account. Other than that, I have no way accessing it directly from my machine and I can’t access the dashboard. All three lights are a solid blue and it is definitely connected to my router.

Basically, what do I need to do once I’ve set up a MyCloud account? The support articles I’ve found online are worse than useless.

Thanks for your help


Make sure that the devices are within the same network. Are you able to access the dashboard using the name of the drive or the IP?

Please try resetting the unit using the physical reset button on the back of the unit and try that again.

Hi Ermorel - thanks very much for the reply.

Yes, I’ve done all that including a full factory reset … and I’m able to access the dashboard for around a minute after the box has rebooted, and then I continue to get the following error message:

This site can’t be reached

mycloudex2ultra.local’s server DNS address could not be found.

It’s incredibly frustrating and I’m assuming that there’s a problem with the box.

Going to update the topic title to reflect this.


I found your post while I was searching Google for “mycloudex2ultra.local’s server DNS address could not be found”

I had the same problem earlier today, but got around it, I don’t know if all of the steps are necessary…

-cleared the history from my web browser
-re-booted my computer
-un-plugged and re-plugged the power to the MyCloudEX2 Ultra (since it doesn’t have a power button

I was then able to access the Dashboard

I did NOT need to do a reset on the MyCloudEX2 Ultra

on a side-note regarding RESETTING the MyCloudEX2 Ultra, I had major problems with this when I first got my drive a couple of months ago. I could not get the unit to reset using the standard WD Support page instructions (it would repeatedly say the blank admin password was “incorrect” after every reset, even though the default admin password should be blank) I was only able to do a proper reset using the instructions found here:

Reset Summary:
Unplug (turn off) the drive
Hold the Reset button down
Plug the power wire back in (turn drive on)
Continue holding down the reset button for 40 seconds, then let go
Be patient, the reset drive will take about 5 minutes to re-boot

the key is holding down the reset button for 40 seconds after powering off and on

I am sorry if I misunderstood anything you have posted so far and I won’t be able to post any follow-up replies…but just wanted to say that the address mycloudex2ultra.local would be available if you were trying to access from a Mac, not from Windows. If you are already trying to access it from a Mac, then I wonder if you have configured the network mode to be Static instead of DHCP. Many users do that (I do not know why) and get all sorts of headaches from that. The best config is to leave the IPv4 Network Mode to be DHCP and lt your router do the IP assignment. And then in your router’s web interface you set the IP for the EX2 Ultra to hve a static IP (based on the MAC address). This is usually the best way to set up the EX2’s networking.

As for setting up the MyCloud account - unless you need to access it from outside your home or wherever it is kept, you do not need to even set up the My Cloud account. Even after 2+ years, I have not set that up for my EX2. I can still access it from outside by setting up port forwards on my router…you can use FTP or FTPS for your file transfers from outside. And for other folks WebDAV is the preferred way. I personally prefer SFTP and that’s what I use - but that one is not easy to setup unless you only have just one user and can be trusted with the SSH root user acct.

EDIT - Looks like someone had similar issues as you and while I was typing my reply they posted a solution that perhaps might work for you

I have a similar problem except mine has 2TB of data on that I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE.
I can access the DATA using the profiles for each folder from my iMac.
I cannot access the admin dashboard from either my iMac or Windows10- the browser window is blank or has a message saying “this page isn’t working”. When I go to mycloud on the internet the site tells me that the device is not connected.
Is there a secret way to make this work as the instructions pretend it does?
In the set up marathon six months ago I also discovered it randomly rejects user names- you can type them in but it will not store permissions for them. The solution is to try a different name.
Help on rebooting without admin rights and without losing all my data would be welcome.
Thanks Clive