Unable to access daisychained drive through SMB on OS X

The title pretty much sums it up:

  • WD Mybook World Edition II (1TB, blue light)

  • Toshiba STOR.E ALU 2 (2TB) daisychained via USB

I created a new share “PUBLIC2” (really original, I know…), linked it to the Toshiba partition and gave everyone full rights.

When using the default SMB connection (as guest) i can see the share but am not allowed to create data on it. When trying to access it via SMB through a user I created in the Shared Storage Manager (again with full rights on the share) I am not even able to select the PUBLIC or PUBLIC2 share, I get a message that I am not authorized to do so.

Did anyone face the same issue? I’m stuck here, right before the finish line!

Try doing a reset and see if the issue continues?