Unable to access Cloud

We installed the Cloud and,after much tweaking, were able to access locally and remotely.  Theproblem is, it seems to go into hiding. :slight_smile:  File explorer sees it but cannot access it.  WD My Cloud cannot detect it.  It seems to go to sleep and we cannot wake it up.  At one point we turned off a sleep switch on the dashboard and we thought we ha solved the problem – wrong.  It comes and goes and we have not been able to tell what makes it come to life.  I see so many comments here criticizing tech support that I hope we can solve it here.

Hello, have you tried setting a static IP for the My Cloud? This should give you a more stable connection, also check if you have any firewall or Antivirus that might be causing problems. See page 80 of the manual for more information on how to setup a static IP.