Unable to acces device from outside

Can anyone help me? After 2 days from restarting my device, I can’t acces from my mobile apps. With previously firmware I had the same problem, but when I set to static IP and forwarded ports 80 and 443, everything was o.k. But after updating to last firmware, that setting doesn’t help… Each 2 days I lost connection from outside.  Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

try rebooting the router and only as a last resort the drive

How the drive is conencted via DHCP or static IP address?

I reboot my router and restart device 2 days ago, each time when lost connection… I’ve reserved IP in router and set static IP in device.

When you lose connection from outside and you come back home, do the other devices connected to the router work? Is wireless still working?

Or the does the whole network go away?

 Do a factory reset on the router.

You pobalhy need a new router.

I don’t think that’s problem with router, because with previously firmware, everything was fine. But after updating, I lose access to device every 2 days. When I’m home, I can access via wi-fi.

Oh maybe I misunderstood. I thought you had the problem with older firmware as well. I have no idea why the drive woudl disconnect every 2 days.  Best to alk to support, they might ask for some logs that may help them diagnose it.