Unable connect to sling player app


Just bought the WD live and trying connect to my sling box but I’m getting this "unable to connect to network. Please check that your network connection is working properly.  Then try again. (code:3)

  • Its connected to the Internet

  • Works fine if i watch it on my Computer (sling web player)

  • Latest firmware

Any help?



seem to beable to get in now but now other problem it says " starting streaming…" then about 30seconds later unable to connect to slingbox. Please check that your slingbox is on and connected to the network then try again. (code: 1003)

I had the same “starting streaming” / “timed out” problem at my vacation home starting 1/1/13 with my Sony Google TV.  I solved it yesterday (after a week of frustration) by going to the Spotlight Gallery web site and clicking on the Slingplayer app.  It worked.  Prior to doing this I did a factory reset, but I am unsure if that made a difference.

I returned to my main home today and my Vizio Co-Star has the same “starting streaming” and then timing out problem.  My fix for the Sony unfortunately did not work on the Vizo so the problem persists.

I assume that this is a Google TV issue, possibly related to the latest firmware.  You need to know that the Slingplayer that comes with GTV is not an app, but rather, it is a link to Slingplayer web site that is enhanced to support Google TV.

The enhanced web site apparently is not working.  My calls to Sony and Slingbox were an utter waste of time - the support prople were clueless.  

Slingbox continues to work fine with my Ipad, Android phone and computer.

I hope they fix the problem, or that a user solves it for them and posts the fix here.

Good luck.

I posted a solution/workaround to the SlingPlayer - no longer works! thread in the “Live General Discussions” forum. I hope it works for you.

Thanks for your helpful input.  It’s up and running again thanks to your good counsel.  GTV, Sony, WD, Logitech and Boxee should hire you as a tech consultant!